We certainly don't want to have female characters that nobody wants to play but this won't be full of female characters wearing chain-mail bikinis or running around in their lingerie. In terms of glowies, well, I've always been a fan of those so...

Source: KS Comments - April 02, 2013

CU will have a full stat allocation system (min-maxers can rejoice now), so that you can spend lots of time truly customizing your character. While you will not be able to totally Bork your build in the beginning (strength 0), you will really be able to focus your stat allocation on your character’s projected career path. There will be racial maxes and minimums but those will only apply to the character creator and “normal” statistical growth. There will be means (magical of course), to temporarily and/or permanently boost your stats in the game though.

Source: Foundation Principal 4

The races/genders will be very different from each other in terms of their starting stats/abilities but also in numerous other ways. For example, certain races/genders are better attuned to the sources of magical power in the world. I know some people will complain that this is not fair but that is how it is going to be in CU, where these choices matter.

Source: Foundation Principal 4