FreddyHouse Q&A  April 16, 2013Edit

ileks said: 

One of the things I really dislike about PvP in new MMOs is how drawn out the fights can be. I loved that in daoc if a caster was free to cast he could kill someone in seconds. On the other hand if he was interupted/CC'd he was useless. Will CU be similar in this respect?

MJ Response:

As of now, yes.

ileks said: 

Which features from new MMOs (or anything since daoc really) have you enjoyed and will try to to include in CU?

MJ Response:

Some of the classes in GW2 I found quite immersive through gameplay. I want a very fluid, smooth combat system. As to other systems, well, I'm curious as to what you will think about our housing/building update. In truth, CU intends to do without a lot of the modern systems that Dark Age/WoW/WAR/etc. added to MMOs. No AH, no GPS maps, no question marks above NPC's heads, etc.

Kickstarter Update 10Edit

Combat has got to be fluid. The game must feel responsive. 4:30

Global Cooldown timer, there will not be one. 5:15

Tab Targeting will be in the game but it will not be pure tab targeting: 6:00

Kickstarter CommentsEdit

Lots of ideas. Big ideas are that there are going to be fewer but more useful buffs and that I don't want a character to have to buff up big-time before daring to go in combat.

Source: KS Comments - April 09, 2013

Yep. We can also really look at making the tanks more useful than in most games because their abilities can all be geared to RvR. They might benefit the most from the loss of PvE even though that might seem counter-intuitive.

Source: KS Comments - April 09, 2013

As to the hybrid system, it's something I want to experiment with before we commit. I'm so bored of combat systems that end up being "1 2 3" "1 2 3" "1 2 3 4" that I could scream. We need to do better and that involves some experimentation and risk. That's what we are all signing up for and that's also why I've been so clear on getting so many people into our game early to help work out some new ideas/different approaches.

Source: KS Comments - April 06, 2013

A short answer is that I want a combat system that is reactive, flows smoothly, fluid/etc. and one where the player(s) have to think a little for themselves without the game doing so much for them. I also don't want to see CU be a game where combat boils down to "1-2-3" "1-2-3" "1-2-3-4" rinse, wash repeat. 

Source: KS Comments - April 03, 2013

MMORPG Interview February 14, 2013Edit

Mounted Combat is a stretch goal, it won't be in the core kickstarter game.  48:35