In terms of standing versus moving for casters, I think we all agree that we don't want the mages to be able to jump around like bunny rabbits while casting major spells. We have games that already do it that way, why should we bother. OTOH, I think that clothies should have more to do than just cast spells (if they want) and should have some opportunity to survive if attacked 1 on 1. It's all about balance and choices. 

Source: KS Comments - April 09, 2013

I like redirecting spells not crazy about forcibly changing a player's target. I also prefer stationary casting to full movement casting but I've got some other ideas for the magic system that could be interesting too. 

Source:  KS Comments - April 09, 2013

Me too. Cloth wearing characters should be at a major disadvantage up close and personal with tanks but I also think that we need to stay away from the glass cannon bit because that can really get out of hand if we are not careful.

Source: KS Comments - April 08, 2013

Right now I'm leaning to a hard interrupt system. 

Source: KS Comments - April 08, 2013

My dream RPG is one where spell/counterspell is a very viable option. I don't know if we can pull it off but it is something that I have really wanted to do forever (ever since I saw a bad/fun old movie called The Raven (Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Jack Nickelson and Peter Lorre). 

Source:  KS Comments - April 08, 2013

Yes, hard interrupts are confirmed but it won’t be binary. We should apply some common sense to how they are implemented. 

Source: KS Update 11

Instant CastingEdit

My pure healer would have few insta-casts (I want to severely limit ICs through all squisihies), limited range bufss, powerful touch buffs and depending on the type of healer, some useful debuffs as well. 

Source:  KS Comments - April 10, 2013 

I think insta-casts have been really overdone. I'm not saying there won't be any but the emphasis won't be on having a ton of insta/quick skills. 

Source:  KS Comments - April 08, 2013

Area of EffectEdit

Don't see why not. PBAOE are not evil, they just explode that way. 

Source:  KS Comments - April 09, 2013