FreddyHouse Q&A

Dutch_NS said: 

Dunno what i have to think about the new race mark, If the wings stay like that all the time it would be okayish but if they open up with jumping or so it will be anoying. Cant decide till it gets armor if i like it or not.

MJ Response:

Understood. It's truly a prototype. Under normal (not Kickstarter) conditions, those races would have only been shown in concept art form. Because of the KS however, the team pushed to get it modeled, rigged, textured and animated. I like it a lot and there actually is a bit of a backstory I'm building behind it. So far, it's coming out well but it is indeed very early.

At launch, each realm will have at least three races, all with unique powers, abilities and physical appearance. We will reveal some of these over the next 30 days. In fact, our backers will have the opportunity to choose one for each realm during development. We'll also create more if we meet certain stretch goals and as the game evolves.

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