That's one of the main reasons I wanted to give one more MMO a shot. Zero interest in doing a themepark or just the same ole game again. I want/need to make something that will not get 1M subs but instead will be a game loved by its fans. I just hope it's more than 3. :) 

Source: KS Comments - April 07, 2013

One of my goals with CU’s design was to look at the concept of sandboxing in terms of all relevant systems and determine where to best apply it. In doing so, I looked at all aspects of this game including character skills, classes, magic system, crafting, building, etc. to determine where we would be best served by utilizing a more building block approach to the system(s) or much more rigid approach.

Source: Foundation Principal 11

Because we are eschewing PvE, we are also simultaneously saying goodbye to the most linear of all MMORPGs elements, the storyline. Of all the things that make the vast majority of MMORPGs feel like theme parks, it is how the designers lay out and intertwine the story arc, world and a character’s progression through them. CU will have a strong backstory of course but CU will not have a story arc created by a writer; rather the players will write that story as their accomplishments both fill out and change the world. 

Source: Foundation Principal 11