FreddyHouse Q&A  April 16, 2013Edit

ileks said: 

A few questions, if they've been covered before please ignore!

Could the game be available on Steam? I feel like this could help sales/publicity at release quite a bit. I only find out about a lot of the smaller games because they pop up on Steam.

MJ Response:

Not likely because Valve wants a big chunk of the revenue. I respect that of course and Gabe's contribution to the industry is amazing but for now, we'll self-distribute via Torrent.

MMORPG InterviewEdit

Multi tiered subs. It will not be one size fits all. 4:30

Possibly family subs, lifetime subs and differing time oriented subscriptions. 5:00

We want to be lower than the average subscription price, we will not be raising the price of the subscription. 6:30

Foundation PrincipalsEdit

Because I don’t want to have to support 95% of the server population free of charge, pray that 5% spend a lot of money and then find ways to get a small % of the 95% to spend something; b) Maybe, but I think it is the good kind of insane; c) Check back with me in about 3-5 years. There’s a major storm coming in the FTP space whether people/publishers want to hear it or not (well, it’s not of course). Besides, we will get a tighter community with fewer people who actually really want to play and stick with our game as opposed to a large number of people who are playing until they have to pay or they find a different FTP that interests them. I’ll take lower profits, fewer players, tighter community any day of the week. FYI, I said this same thing before, back when networks like GEnie, AOL, etc. were charging for games and the first “Adver-model games” were supposed to take over the world.

Source: KS Update 11 - April 09, 2013