TriRealm™ is a type of Player versus Player gameplay in Camelot Unchained.  The player base is divided into three realms (Arthurians, Tuatha Dé Danann and Vikings).  TriRealm differs from normal Player versus Player combat in that it usually depicts a game that is centralized around this combat, as opposed to a game where sporadic Player versus Player combat occurs. In this context, "realm" generally means a geographic territory or political affiliation.

This concept is also referred to as Group versus Group Race versus Race, Nation versus Nation, World vs World or Faction versus Faction depending on the specific implementation in the game under discussion. Contrast with "Guild versus Guild" games (or GvG, in an alternate usage from Group versus Group), such as Shadowbane or Age of Conan, in which players organize themselves into factions of their own creation and design rather than realms which are prebuilt by the game developers.


In 2001, Mythic Entertainment introduced a new team-based form of PvP combat with the release of Dark Age of Camelot and called it Realm versus Realm. In RvR™, players of each realm team up to fight against players from the opposing realms in team-based combat. This can include normal skirmishes between rival groups that is common in other PvP systems, but also consists of objective-based battles such as taking and holding keeps or capturing enemy relics. 

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